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Air Freight

AMA Freight is one of the leading local airfreight forwarding specialists by offering flexibility and performance to meet your specific needs. We offer cost-savings options with a comprehensive range of air cargo solutions to meet your requirements with reliability and confidence.


Our air cargo team, alongside our partners from accross the world, are always available to assist you. Their vast knowledge and industry focused approach will ensure that your cargo moves with speed and cost effectiveness.


Our airfreight shipments are planned, coordinated and specific to each customer, providing always the best quality service. We monitor your shipments by adopting a door to door approach within our network, information on shipments can be made readily available whenever you need it. Whether is it simple shipments processing of palletised or loose shipments, we offer a full array of value-added service options.


AMA Freight is constantly evolving to meet the challenges our customers face in today's dynamic production and service requirements by offering intelligent solutions gathered from our airfreight expertise.

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