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What kind of shipment is considered as perishables?

International Air Transport Association (IATA) definition of a shipment is deemed a perishable if its contents will deteriorate over a given period of time if exposed to harsh environmental conditions, such as extreme humidity or extreme temperatures. Examples of these shipments include live tropical fish, dairy, plants, fruits, meat and vegetables, and seafood.

The Perishable Cargo Regulations (PCR) manual is the universal standard for the preparation, packaging and handling of time- and temperature-sensitive goods. It includes a comprehensive classification of hundreds of perishable commodities and the most up-to-date airline information together with specific rules regarding the transport of perishable cargo.

Be prepared: Packaging your perishable goods

Perishable products may be subjected to harsh environmental conditions. AMA FREIGHT (S) will ensure that your shipment is packed according to requirements — including shipping containers and packaging materials this is done so the perishables remain fresh until they're delivered. 

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