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Cross Trade

AMA Freight has always been on the ball when it comes to cargo whose unloading and loading points fall outside of the EU. For over a decade, AMA Freight has organised merchandise shipments all around the world, centrally from Singapore. This is made possible thanks to our close relationship forged with our network of agents, an outstanding communications network is key ensuring that a free flow of information is exchanged providing ease especially when a lot of corresponding is needed.


With close management and monitoring of suppliers we can guarantee the fastest-possible shipment at all times. Working closely with worldwide loading contacts has enabled us to facilitate the cut-rate booking of shipping space. Our team also ensures that when required we can provide clients with all the necessary documents made readily available.


Clients can rely on our cross trade expertise because we are well-established all across the world, which enables us to secure optimum rates through the flexible use of local carriers and shipping lines which in some cases are neither known nor represented in Asia, but who are always able to satisfy AMA Freight’s high quality requirements.



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